Frequently asked questions at Tensility Motor Sports

What makes TMS Flex Fuel Kits different?

10 micron fuel filter

This helps protect expensive OEM fuel injectors. E85 fuel has been known to have a lot more particles compared to pump gas and can easily clog your OEM injectors.

Fuel lines and fittings

TMS Fuel Line Assemblies use steel and nylon braided hose and anodized aluminum -6AN fittings rather than cheap hoses which may not be suitable for the engine bay or high ethanol fuel.

Wire harness

Our wire is built to SAE J2284 HSC and CAN FD network requirements. The power wire meets TXL automotive primary requirements, rated at 125°C.

Port injection- and ReFlex™-ready

With an additional capped fitting on the fuel line, the TMS Flex Fuel Kit is ready to connect to a port injection fuel rail. The wiring harness for the Flex Fuel Kit is also designed to plug and play with the TMS ReFlex™ Harness when you are ready to take things to the next level. The Flex Fuel Kit taps into the car’s CAN network, so upgrading to the ReFlex™ Harness requires nothing more than threading a single connector into the Flex Fuel Harness.

If I already have a TMS Flex Fuel Kit, is it easy to upgrade to the ReFlex™?

Yes! We’ve designed our TMS Flex Fuel Kit to work seamlessly with the ReFlex™ upgrade when using the TMS Harness. All that is required is to remove the Zeitronix and Ethanol Cable and then connect the TMS ReFlex™ Harness to the splitter in the passenger footwell. Completely plug and play without worrying about complicated wire taps or splicing!

I want to get your ReFlex™ Harness Kit, but what other hardware will I need to get everything connected?

We’ve tried to make this as easy as possible and include everything you need, but there are still a few unknowns. The biggest challenge we’ve found when installing our ReFlex™ Harness is running the Fuel Line to your port injection kit. Depending on the specific kit, the length of hose and route to the fuel rail may change. If using our TMS Flex Fuel Kit, we’ve included a AN6 port above the filter for easy integration and connection. The following will be required:

o Female to female AN6 fuel line (length based on PI kit)

o AN6 coupler with 1/8” NPT for connecting the low pressure fuel sensor (included in the TMS All-in-One Kit)

o AN6 female to fuel rail adapter – this can be either 6AN or 8AN (o-ring style seal)

Does TMS have a recommended tuner for the ReFlex™?

Selecting a tuner can depend a lot on personal preference. Some people like their tuner to be close geographically so they can see and work with their car in person. Some tuners like to push the limits with your car, while others remain more conservative.