The love of cars or the love of engineering? We take the best of both to create the products for TMS, and hope our customers experience fantastic performance and service together.


We let loose and design with our love for all things cool, fast, and streamlined.  We are purposeful with the aesthetic of even the smallest components so that the look and feel of our products match the performance they provide.  We figure out how to make installation easy, efficient, and enjoyable.  We let our imagination run wild to make our driving experience everything we want it to be.

Engineer's Perspective

All of our products are designed from an engineer’s perspective:  what are the standards?  What materials can be used to achieve maximum performance?  What design is the best for safety?  We research, design, and test with our engineering mind so that we are assured the products are the best.

Tensility International

Tensility Motor Sports is a brand of Tensility International Corporation, a board-to-wall components design, sourcing and manufacturing company. We used all the best of Tensility International’s core competencies in design, sourcing, and manufacturing to create products for the after-market automotive audience.  Most importantly, we retain the core values of our parent company and run TMS to these standards.


Our goal is to do our part in creating a free and virtuous society characterized by individual liberty, excellence, and moral values.  We expect that our interactions with customers, employees, vendors, and the community also make the world a little better, embodying mutual respect and authenticity.